Mark Towers

Writer / Director


Mark graduated in 2009 with a degree in English Literature and Philosophy and has since worked in the film industry. At first this was running and production assistant work where he learnt the basics of well run sets. He now currently works in film distribution for Curzon Artificial Eye in the UK. Since a very young age he has been making short films.

THE ALPHA INVENTION – a sci-fi noir starring Billy Boyd – received critical praise from major UK critics, including Tim Robey and Mark Kermode as well as visiting multiple festivals across the world (including Raindance, Film4, Sci-fi Film Festival). In 2016 Mark was chosen as SCREEN AWARDS’ Rising Star for his early contributions to UK cinema in both distribution and filmmaking.


The Gael

Among the wind battered hills of the scottish Highlands, a teenage girl is left for dead on the side of a mountain but uses her last remaining strength to crawl to a nearby bothy. Lying unconscious and bleeding out, she is found by the bothy’s warden, a sullen, ageing man who fixes her wounds. Yet as he is waiting for her to recover, the members of a calm but threatening community gather in the valley outside and they have one request – return her.
Heavily inspired by the spaghetti western genre, THE GAEL is a thriller which is simultaneously melancholic and gripping as it chronicles the story of one young girl’s escape from dogma, an unlikely old hermit who found her and how they both helped redeem each other.