Myro Klochko

Writer / Director


I was born and brought up in Ukraine.
After watching the works of Andrei Tarkovsky and Sergey Parajanov, I fell in love with filmmaking. That’s why I have started studying at FAMU (Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) at the Department of Directing, where I’ve got my bachelor’s degree.
In 2018, I came back to Ukraine and working there as an assistant of director at Theatre center Word and Voice in Lviv, shooting video as a freelancer.
I’m desperately looking for my own film style. In my last film “Plus One” I worked with actors and non-actors with Down’s syndrome, confronted documentary life with fiction. I’m also interested in poetic and magic realism in films.


One million reasons to daydream

Kyiv. Lisa (46) is a girlish single mother who adores her son Jan (17). She treats him like a best friend. Her husband Serhiy (50) has been in a coma in a hospital for 15 years since he had an accident on a burning riverboat. Lisa gives up the idea he will come back to life so she drinks, parties a lot, dates other men as if she wants to make up for lost time. One day, she visits Serhiy at the hospital and drunk, kisses him for the last time as if he were the sleeping beauty. Unexpectedly, Serhiy wakes up and still looks like a 35 year old man. Lisa wants to escape, but she has no other choice than bring Serhiy home. She tries to get rid of him meanwhile her son wants to reunite his lost family. Serhiy is slowly returning to life. They both have to handle the past depicted by their old friend Stephan who knows the truth, but suffers from post traumatic stress disorder after the war. Will Lisa and Serhiy find their way back to each other?