Nathalie Biancheri

Writer / Director

Italy / Ireland

Nathalie Biancheri is a writer/director based in London.

She has worked at the BBC in documentaries and her short fiction films have screened at over 40 festivalsand won awards internationally. Nathalie’s first feature length fiction film “Nocturnal” was released in 2019 and developed in the Film London Microwave scheme. She is an alumni of TorinoFilmLab (2015 and 2017) and Maison des Scenaristes (2016). Nathalie collaborates with numerous visual and performance artists and galleries on artist films.



In the suburb of a small town, Jacob Stein lives in deep discomfort. For as long as he can remember he has felt that he is a wolf trapped in a human body. He feels claws under his nails, fur where instead there is skin. His instincts are to prowl the forest, walk on all fours, howl at the moon, stalk and hunt large prey. Instead, he is stuck in the puny body of a shy seventeen year old. Only in the privacy of his own room or late at night, unseen and unheard, does he sometimes indulge in his wolverine activities. When he finally reveals his predicament to his family, all hell breaks loose and Jacob is faced with the decision of whether to conform the world that surrounds him or be free, be the wolf inside him, but remain an outsider forever.