Nayeem Mahbub

Writer / Director


Nayeem Mahbub is a Stockholm-based Bangladeshi filmmaker. As a former DocNomads scholar, he filmed in Lisbon, Budapest and Brussels. He has worked with the BBC and in the Bangladeshi animation industry. His debut animated short MURGI KENO MUTANT received wide festival play and awards. His film A BLOOD RED DROP IN A BLUE SEA and video installation AKVARIUM were made with support from the Swedish Arts Council.



As borders are drawn across the surface of the Earth, different stories start to grow around them.

An astronaut is in space when civil war divides his homeland into multiple new nations. Having lost everyone he loves, he decides to isolate himself in eternal orbit with the animals he is researching. Back home, the new countries fight over his nationality.

Two young neighbours begin a secret romance from opposite rooftops. separated by a giant border wall and conflicting governments, they send carrier pigeons with messages to communicate. The relationship continues even as they grow up to have their own families, but always under the constant threat of being discovered.

A zoologist is caught between two borders on a glacier while chasing a rare tiger. She is forced to set up camp when neither of the guards on each side will allow her back in. Though lifelong enemies, the tensions between the guards start to soften as they both become involved in the zoologist’s mission.

A woman succeeds in returning from death after facing multiple challenges. She has an important message for the living, but no passport. This presents problems at border control, where staff will have to make a decision on this unusual case.