Nicola Ofoego

Head of acquisitions,
Black Mic Mac

Ireland & UK

Nicola is an acquisitions executive and independent producer. She is currently Head of Acquisitions at Paris-based Black Mic Mac, an African film financing and packaging company established with Logical Pictures Group in 2022. The company’s mission is to find African stories that have the potential to entertain the world. Other industry roles have included remakes boutique Maremako and sales outfit France TV Distribution. At production house Mondex et cie, Nicola works on high end documentary production, most recently GOYA, CARRIERE AND THE GHOST OF BUNUEL (José Luis López-Linares), which premiered in Cannes Classics 2022. She has a growing production slate rife with culture clashes and identity crises, and will forever have a soft spot for scrappy underdogs and fierce women characters.