Nitzan Rozen



Nitzan, born in 1990, graduated with honors from the Sam Spiegel Film School in Jerusalem in 2017.
During her studies, Nitzan directed two shorts: FAIR PLAY, 2016 (winner of the directing award) and CRACKS, 2018. The films were screened in Israel, Europe and North America. In 2019, Nitzan directed a short documentary, HOME CONSTRUCTORS. The film was screened at a variety of festivals, including Cinemed Montpellier, Dresden Filmfest, Uppsala Short Film Festival, and many more. In 2021, Nitzan wrote, directed and produced FATA MORAGA that also premiered in FNC Montreal. STRIKER NO. 7 is Nitzan’s debut feature film (Mina Films Productions). The film was awarded the development grant of The Rabinovich Foundation for The Arts.
Nitzan works as a documentary director at the national digital channel, and teaches film at Minshar School of Arts.

— with the support of Israel Embassy in France


Striker No. 7

Mohamed, a young Muslim Palestinian from East Jerusalem, has everything it takes to become the biggest football star in Israel. He is purchased by Beitar Jerusalem, the best club in the league, whose excellence in the field is matched only by its reputation for racism. Never in its history, did a Palestinian play for this club.
Beitar Jerusalem’s fan club, La Familia, won’t accept the name of the Prophet within its walls. The Arab community, longing for a hero to be carried upon his shoulders, feels betrayed. Mohamed, who just wanted to be a football player, becomes the face of the discord.
Mohamed is willing to go through hell, if it’s the way to heaven. So he takes the blows, he lowers his head, and he scores. But this is never enough.
His guilt grows bigger, and after blaming himself for something he did not do, he becomes responsible for something much worse. Little did he realize at the beginning of this road, who would be the person that stands at its end.