Nolwenn Guiziou


Brittany / France

Nolwenn GUIZIOU was born in 1977, in Brittany where she came back to live after a few years abroad. She studied French and English literature at the University of Wales, Swansea.
She lived in Dublin for a few years. There she was a busker. Playing violin in the street, she discovered the world of puppets thanks to a fellow-performer. In 2004, she created her own street-theater company (“The Pirate-Puppet Company”). Her shows have been played in Ireland, Portugal, England, Spain and France.
She has also worked in the Opera in the UK and Ireland.
Her passion for music, marionettes and story-telling has led her to create a few short films. “TxanTxangorri”, her latest, is in 3D and it has been shown in different 3D festivals from Los Angeles to Moscow. She also created a stop-motion series for the Breton-speaking television. (“An Dorioù”).


Birds of a feather…

Once upon a time, there was a man who was actually a bird but he had forgotten it.
And there was a bird whose mother had kicked him out of the nest.
And there was a bunch of punks who were missing one.
And there was a witch who got stuck in a boring suburban flat and entangled in an abusive relationship with the Devil.
And there was a cat who had narcissistic issues and megalomaniac tendencies.
And there was a team-leader, in a greenhouse, who hated flowers and rock’n roll.
And flowers to be picked, and porridge to be eaten, and dolls, and cards to be played with, and really good music to be danced to…
And the clock was ticking because they had only a month to sort all that out.
Before the Day of the Dead.