Nolwenn Guiziou


Brittany / France

Nolwenn GUIZIOU was born in 1977, in Brittany where she came back to live after a few years abroad. She studied French and English literature at the University of Wales, Swansea.
She lived in Dublin for a few years. There she was a busker. Playing violin in the street, she discovered the world of puppets thanks to a fellow-performer. In 2004, she created her own street-theater company (“The Pirate-Puppet Company”). Her shows have been played in Ireland, Portugal, England, Spain and France.
She has also worked in the Opera in the UK and Ireland.
Her passion for music, marionettes and story-telling has led her to create a few short films. “TxanTxangorri”, her latest, is in 3D and it has been shown in different 3D festivals from Los Angeles to Moscow. She also created a stop-motion series for the Breton-speaking television. (“An Dorioù”).


Birds of a feather…

BIRDS OF A FEATHER… is a fairy-tale set nowadays in the wet, grim and gray city of Brest, where fog and rain often blur the borders between worlds, and where Death could get trapped in some wild party, if only you knew how to please Him.
Mélanie is a 40-something grumpy social- worker who is in charge of a group of homeless people. Like an old “Alice” after a raggedy white rabbit, she follows Alain, one of her proteges, to the strange house of Mme Pennkazh where time seems to have stopped sometimes in the 1920’s. A world opens there, for Mélanie and Alain, colorful and exciting. And lonely Mélanie wishes she could belong with the fascinating beings she meets at Mme Pennkazh’s tea- parties.
But Mme Pennkazh has a secret and Mélanie shouldn’t try to get too near her, for these two women’s deeper wounds will put the young man in danger of Death.
So, soon, there will have to be a huge sacrifice. Who will be strong enough for it? Is there a way out of “Wonderland”? Should we wish for it?