Pieter Coudyzer

Writer / Director


Pieter Coudyzer graduated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Gent, Belgium with the short animated film Moodswing. From 2007 to 2016 he made several short films including Marked (2007), The Wake (2011), Tree (2014), My Heart Is Not Here (2015), I Shall Not Move (2016), Beast! (2016) and Momentum (2016). In 2015 his first graphic novel Woekeraar was published.



Banvard is a biographical film about the unfortunate life of the 19th century American painter John Banvard (1815-1891), who was the richest and most renowned artist of his time, but – due to a regrettable chain of events – died in poverty and almost completely disappeared from history. It is a tragic story, set in a romantic era, and told in a contemplative way.
The film will be entirely painted by hand in a variety of different – but coherent – painting and drawing techniques, and will be a poetical reflection on the nature of ambition and the inevitability of oblivion.