Rafael Sampaio



Graduated in Cinema, Rafael holds a Master’s degree in Film Studies and is a Brazilian producer and curator. Founder and Director of BrLab, he also has worked as producer and programmer of Museu da Imagem e do Som de São Paulo – MIS, Cinemateca Brasileira and Cine Olido and, has produced several festivals for many years. He coordinates different workshops and platforms for professional training such as the Prodav 4 Project Development Laboratories – 2013 and 2014 from ANCINE, the Brazilian Film Institute, Icumam Lab, BrLab, among others. Founder of the production company KLAXON (in 2008), he has produced the feature films “On Wheels” (Mauro D’addio, 2017), “Um Casamento” (Mônica Simões, 2017), “Let it Burn” (Maíra Buhler, 2019), “Contactado” (Marité Ugás, 2020), among others.

Filmography (producer)

2020 CONTATADO — feature
Peru/Brazil/Norway – Director: Marité Ugás
2019 LET IT BURN — feature
Brazil – Director: Maíra Bühler
2018 ON WHEELS — feature
Brazil – Director: Mauro D’Addio
2017 EUGENIA — feature
Bolívia/Brazil – Director: Martín Boulocq
2017 A MARRIAGE — feature
Brazil – Director: Mônica Simões