Reinis Kalvins



Today working as a director and producer, over the last decade he has lived in different off beat places from small town in West Virginia to Sarajevo in Balkans. In latter, he studied filmmaking under the mentorship of Bela Tarr (MA program at Film Factory Sarajevo). Kalvins received the Latvian National Film Prize for the Best Debut in 2020 with THE SHIFT. He is alumni of TorinoFilmLab and Locarno Match Me program.


The Bog

A body of a 12-year-old boy is found buried in a peat bog near a small town in Latvia. Local policeman Brože (43) is put in charge of the investigation, very soon a local deadbeat Adamson confesses in the murder. During the identification, Brože seems to recognize the body and when a medallion is discovered around the boy’s neck Brože is convinced – the body is that of his childhood friend Mickey who disappeared more than 25 years ago and was never found. After Adamson sobers up his confession falls apart at the seams and Brože has to release him. The people of an otherwise sleepy town are set on revenge and are not concerned about any evidence. Brožes inability to show quick results threatens his authority and he gets bogged down with keeping the order in the town while trying to recall the event of the day when Mickey disappeared. Seems that the bog holds more than one secret.