Samuel Tebandeke



Samuel Tebandeke is a screenwriter, producer and director with a background in finance and accounting. Alumnus of the MNET Screenwriters workshop (2009), Maisha Film Lab (2008 & 2009), Ouaga Film Lab (2020) and the Film Pro Series Pitching workshop (2021), Samuel has gone on to write for TV and film. He was one of the writers on TRICKSTARS, a TV show about common con schemes in Uganda that was broadcast on NTV Uganda in 2010. His debut short film, ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL DAY was released in mid 2017 and was in the official selection of the 40th Durban International Film Festival 2019. His directorial debut TEN O’CLOCK, a short film, premiered in April 2019 In Competition for the Young African Film Makers Award at the Afrika Filmfestival in Leuven, Belgium. The film also screened In Competition at PÖFF Shorts Film Festival 2019 in Estonia.


Conversations with my mother

Arit, is a carefree rebellious 20-year-old Ugandan woman who is a first-year university student in Kampala. Arit’s only friend at the University, Sue takes her on an outing with her mother and Arit observes a loving exchange between her friend and the mother. Arit remembers having a similar relationship with her own mother when she was 10. The two have been estranged since. Arit attempts suicide shortly afterwards. Jane comes to pick Arit up and she reluctantly agrees to go with Jane.
Arit and Jane head back to the village for Arit to recuperate. While there, Jane informs Arit that Peter, Jane’s brother is returning from long church service overseas. Arit becomes uncomfortable and over the course of the week before the dinner, we learn through flashbacks about the events that surround their lives.
At the dinner which turns tense very quickly, Arit learns about the other side of the abuse she suffered at the hands of Peter. Jane tries to explain her inability to do anything to protect her daughter but is unsuccessful. From this moment on in the film, it is about how the two women try to forge a path towards reconciliation.