Stanislav Bytiutskyi



Stanislav Bytiutskyi was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. He graduated in architecture and film studies. He is an author of numerous articles on film, festival curator and film scholar at the main Ukrainian film archive, Dovzhenko Centre. He made his debut documentary film GOODBYE, CINEPHILES (2014) rethinking the revolution in Ukraine. His short film “24” (2016) was named the best short film of the year by the National Filmmakers Union of Ukraine and showed on FID Marseille and Vienna Shorts. His video A YEAR LATER (2018) was part of the “Armed and Dangerous” series that was exhibited in numerous galleries worldwide. His last short film INTOLERANCE (2020) was recognized as the best short film at the annual Kinokolo-Award, which is presented according to the vote results of 45 prime film critics and film journalists in Ukraine.



Katia and Anton are a young couple who have just moved into their own flat. They are in love with each other, but gradually everything starts to change. Katia starts to doubt her feelings, and Anton starts to pull away from her. One day they tear down the old wallpaper and notice a small crack in the wall, which increases in size every day. gradually the crack turns into a real hole and behind the walls of the flat there seems to be an evil lurking, about to burst out.