Sun Mee Cattrysse


Flanders, Belgium

Born in 1978 in Seoul South-Korea, Sun Mee studied Music at Luca School of Arts Leuven. Sun Mee graduated as Bachelor in Social Cultural Work and had her own business as Fashion Designer for 10 years in Bruges.
Eager for new challenges Sun Mee graduated as Master in Audiovisual Arts Screenwriting at RITCS Brussels, her graduation project won a Wildcard from the Flemish Film Fund for best feature film screenplay in December 2020.
Nowadays she works fulltime as screenwriter for feature film, docu, podcast and TV-series and is currently working with writer-director Hyun Lories, supported and coached by the Flemish Film Fund.


Eonni (Sister)

Once Marie is cured from cancer, eva and Marie, two adoptee sisters, decide to finally go back to their birth country, South-Korea. Preparing the trip they’ve always dreamt of, they take Korean language classes, explore Korean pop culture and meet up with fellow adoptees. Delving into their adoption past they can rely on each other while exploring new terrain.
But things change when eva receives an email regarding her birth family, while Marie remains in the dark. After changing her name back to Soo-Jin, it doesn’t feel as good as she was hoping. She starts feeling increasingly estranged from everybody and everything related to her roots. eva thinks going back to South-Korea is not what she needs. She tells Marie that she won’t go anymore and for the first time in their lives, their unbreakable sister bond seems jeopardized.
In an attempt to reconnect, they discover that they were both imagining a different trip and that they look at their adoption in a totally different way.