Svetozar Giorgiev



A physicist by education and hospital IT manager by employment, Svetozar Georgiev is best known in Bulgaria by his pseudonym Ghostdog, for his award-winning avant-garde theatre plays and his published poetry and short-form texts. He is a graduate of several writing and dramaturgy workshops and has recently been accepted to the writing residency programme at Ventspil’s House in Latvia.



A door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman rings the door of a single mother whose son is in waking coma. The salesman’s visit triggers a discovery about the boy’s supernatural abilities. This leads to a conspiracy that involves a scheming ex-colonel and his posse, facing off with a mysterious scarred girl helped by an awkward hardcore band. Fairytale meets dark comedy in a post-socialist world where happy-ends are not what they seem to be.
Electricity is set in a drab, modern-day Sofia, but its universe is peppered with magical realism. The film tells a story confined to a single apartment building, which could also serve as a scale model of Bulgarian society today. The neighbours’ community has its own infrastructure, hierarchy and power struggles that weirdly and inevitably mirror the forces twirling in the larger world; and with all the prejudices, moral ambiguity and flawed humanity that we discover in people around us on a daily basis.