Temina Kiasinian


Belgium / Armenia

Temina Kiasinian is an art director and filmmaker born in Armenia.
After finishing her studies in photography and textile design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp 2009 she started her career as a photographer, art director and producer in the fashion industry.
Temina worked on large film sets with international directors and photographers such as Jean Claude Thibaut, Arthur De Kersauson and Mario Testino for clients as Vogue US, Louis Vuitton and Dior.
In 2016 Temina started focussing on fiction. She wrote her first short film BLUE BIRD which she directed in May 2019, produced by her own company Sharp Origins in collaboration with Cartouche.

She was part of the development team on CLEAN with Koen van Sande and provided art direction.



Antwerp, drug capital of Europe. With a large-scale police raid in a squat, WIM (36), heroin addict, is arrested and handed over to the chief inspector, his ambitious and incorruptible brother KURT (42) who puts him in jail without blinking an eye. This gets the approval of the head commissioner who ensures Kurt a promotion. But on one condition: Kurt must keep his brother in check and definitely clean. Throughout the years Wim has changed from a happy, creative young man into a paranoid, street thug, much to the despair his dad who refuses him access to the family home. A measure to which both his mother as his younger sister object. How much does Kurt need to put in the balance to save his brother? Will he stick to his repressive authority or will he let humanity prevail? A dilemma that inevitably will result in a modern tragedy.