Théo Jourdain


Brittany, France

Théo Jourdain is a writer, director and producer. He is seen in every family photo since the age of twelve with a camera in his hand.

He studied cinema in secondary school near his hometown in Brittany, France. He made his directing debut with his short film FINISTERE which won the Paris Urban Film Festival prize in 2013. Since then, Théo has directed & produced music videos, commercials and documentaries all over the world with artists such as Lomepal, JR, Ladj Ly… In 2019 he directed a short film called SON OF THE FOAM, shot almost entirely on an offshore fishing boat in Brittany. In 2021 Théo co-directed season 1 of the first French musical TV Show REUSSS for France TV Slash, which won awards at Série Mania 2022. Théo Jourdain is based in Paris and is now writing and developing his first feature film THE LAST FISHERMAN.


Son of the Foam