Thierry Machard

Writer / Director

France (Brittany)

Born in 1965 in Chartres, I first intended to become an archaeologist, historian or economist. The vagaries of life and an anger against my fellow humans push me on more steep paths, I decide to become a shepherd, a profession that I had practised for twenty years on different terroirs. Until I arrived in Brittany in 2003. I put down my luggage and became a farmer in the Monts d’Arrée. . Return to humans, re-association through music first, then through cinema. Chance of encounters, to meet in front of a camera in 2010 as an actor, first experience that will bring others (, then around as stage manager, to pass behind for some little activist documentary and a first short film in spring 2019.


The third horse

Attilio is about to conclude with his second horse. Feeling lost in the town of Portsmouth he decides to return to Marseille, the town he left twenty five years ago. There he meets three people. The first is Memmo, his link with the past, who gives him a safe place to stay, to construct something, to repair… The house, the garden, himself? And at what price? The second one is Sélim. Both in the same situation, the time has come to change horses. With his background and culture, Sélim appears robust and tough. With his willingness to help, they they spend time together working, talking, drinking coffee, and develop a solid base for a friendship which grows week after week… Attilio thinks a peaceful life in the garden with the third horse is the best choice; in a kind of Eden created for himself, by himself. When Attilio meets the third person, Laïla, Sélim is pleased at first. But as time goes by, he senses something is wrong. He realises Attilio could well lose all he has accomplished over those past few months, straying from his path to save her. And the way to save her is to bring Attilio back to his second life. Two different paths to take, two kinds of angels. Who will decide?