Tommy Oksen



Tommy Oksen (1985) was born and raised in a small town in Southern Jutland. He educated as a scriptwriter from the independent film school Super16 based in Copenhagen. He has written several short films and written and directed three short films of his own. Tommy is now working on his first feature film with writer/director Zara Zerny.


Silver Island

A teenage love story about two people finding each other at a nursery home in the last stage of their life. Alice suffers from dementia and mistakes Frank for her deceased husband Ejnar. Frank has lived a lonely life without ever experiencing great love. At first Frank rejects Alice due to her state of mind, but eventually he’s intrigued by sweet Alice and for the first time he can be something for someone. Slowly he starts to develop feelings for her and Alice can relive her first and only love Ejnar through Frank. Even though Frank understands the situation he hopes Alice loves both of them. But her dementia worsens and to Frank’s big grief she suddenly can’t remember him, so he begins to live in his memories to feel alive. A slow, beautiful and life reassuring story about the power of memories and how it’s never too late to feel loved.