Tudor Botezatu

Writer / Director


Tudor Botezatu entered the film industry more than ten years ago and, while still a student, he worked as a location scouter, set production assistant, script supervisor, 2nd and 1st assistant director – he did it all. And these diverse experiences shaped the director he is now: perceptive, straightforward, sharp, hard-working, a good communicator and a great problem solver. Due to his charisma and his good leading skills, he never let unpredictable incidents ruin a shooting day.
As a director, Tudor is mostly interested in the human fervour, but he likes to wrap up his stories in humour and sarcasm. He wrote and directed several short films, commercials and music videos and participated in various both national and international film festivals, but never let the success go to his head: he stayed the same relaxed young man from Jassy.


The Mind Patrol
Paza Mintii

A taxi driver and a politician try to survive a Romanian Doomsday, in which 50.000 evil people from all around the country die without a clear explanation. This terrible indigenous situation forces them to face their personal issues in order to become better people.