Vera Sjunnesson

Writer / Director


Vera Sjunnesson is a writer/ director and video artist born in Sweden. In 2016 she graduated from New York University’s Graduate Film Program, were she took and MFA in film production. She is also a recipients of a grant from Tisch School of the Arts Department Fellowship. Before coming to New York she trained at the Czech film school FAMU and completed a MFA at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. She has worked with large dimensioned video installations, as an documentary photographer, editor, journalist and script supervisor on projects all over the world. Her short film INFANTILE was nominated to the Best Swedish Short Award (Startsladden) at Gothenburg Film Festival.



A black comedy, Bathtub follows Acko, a swedish expat in her early 40’s, who lives in a run-down building in a new York with her well-intentioned but disoriented boyfriend sam. Eight months pregnant, Acko gets stuck in the bathroom and discovers a hole in the floor through which she can watch impotent adult performer Aaron, who works in the apartment below. To her own surprise, Acko re-awakens sexually and this helps her escape her fear of pregnancy, of being captured in an uncontrollable body. she begins to drift away from her claustrophobic existence with sam and initiates a co-dependent affair with Aaron, who shows her his religious reality outside. Acko is to explore dark and obscure dimensions of intimacy.