Wessam Hachicho

Writer / Director

Syria / Norway

Syrian filmmaker from Deir Ezzor, live in Oslo, Norway. Studied film at NISS/Westerdals Oslo ACT.

For me, scriptwriting is part passion and part therapy and I have been doing it quite insistingly since I arrived in Norway.



Temporary Lives

SALEEM (17) has had to flee Syria to Norway with his father RAFEEQ (47). They are waiting for separate asylum interviews. Rafeeq seems stressed. In Saleem’s interview, we learn that he never knew his father. Saleem’s mother was the prime caregiver who died during the war. They are located to a transit area. They fail to communicate. Saleem’s curiosity about the past makes Rafeeq aggressive. Saleem starts resenting his father. One day, Saleem gets a black eye during a fight, and this way sees from his father’s authority! He lies to the child-service to get himself moved to another camp. Rafeeq receives his first rejection for asylum papers.

By mistake, Saleem gets a copy of the police interview with his father and learns the truth about Rafeeq’s past: a political prisoner he had been arrested and tortured. After his release, he had stayed away from his family to protect them. Ashamed, Saleem reaches out to his father to find him a legal way to stay in Norway. Will Saleem and Rafeeq be reunited as father and son?