Wessam Hachicho

Writer / Director

Syria / Norway

Syrian filmmaker from Deir Ezzor, live in Oslo, Norway. Studied film at NISS/Westerdals Oslo ACT. For me, scriptwriting is part passion and part therapy and I have been doing it quite insistingly since I arrived in Norway.



Collateral Effects
آثار جانبية

Nadeem, 33 years old is a Syrian refugee in Norway, from the eastern part of Syria where Euphrates cuts the desert. He spent 7 years in the Syrian regime cellars because of his political views. Back there he has been tortured (physically, and mentally) They managed to corrupt his memories. Nadeem Lost his mother when he was in prison, so he never got to see her again. He doesn’t like to talk about his time in person. What hurts him the most is not remembering his mother’s face, and being comfortable between walls… He became more like a prison cell than a man. In a camp in the north of Norway he meets his roommate Ali, 17 years old boy and he is not looking forward to his 18th birthday, with welcoming the adulthood he loses the right to bring his mother to live with him here in Norway, his mother sold everything to send him out of Syria to save him from all that madness. Ali has big rounded eyes full of all kinds of feelings, he is dealing with guilt because of that and he misses his mum. He came to this camp six months before Nadeem’s arrival. Nadeem takes on himself the mission to help Ali having a “normal” teenage life. Ali on the other hand becomes the window in that dark cell for Nadeem where he can have a peak on his own memories. Nadeem arrives to the camp some days before a very interesting guy, Shero; 29 years old Kurdish man from the north of Syria. He shaves his beard every morning because he believes gentlemen should do so. He used to work as a car mechanic where he is always covered with car’s oil. Shero left Syria because he don’t want to be part of this war, he believes it’s a waist of life, and also because he finally got married to his teenage love Guleh – her name means flower in Kurdish – Shero can play Buzuq and he has a nice singing voice, he claims that’s how he persuade Guleh to marry him. His wish is to have a nice life with her, so he left Syria to make it happen. Shero also succeeds to persuade Nadeem the introvert to go with him on his secret missions around the northern town where he keeps telling everyone that he is from the North too and he is very proud of that.
These three guys create a bond and have the chance to meet in a faraway land and manage to help each other to go through the dark long and lonely winter, while waiting like all the others in that camp for the papers, to have a permit to start living.