Workshop 1

Finistère, France

LIM starts out on its 2018 journey in a small village on Brittany’s rocky north coast, the home of Le Groupe Ouest. For a whole week, the team and participants set up camp in what used to be a farm in the heart of the countryside, a few hundred meters from the ocean. Their purpose is clear: to find the core of each project, both thematically and narratively. A search for the power driving each story as well as for the unconscious demand that lies at its heart.

Plouneour-Brignogan-Plages, Brittany, France
March 7-14


TIFF Event

Transilvania International Film Festival, Romania

During an important European film event, the core of all 16 LIM projects, still in early development, are presented to an audience, confronting the authors with film professionals. Among these are producers, distributors, sales agents, broadcasters. An essential tool for this public presentation is a very personal video recorded by each filmmaker. The aim of this encounter is to also create an international network of film professionals, all united around LIM’s objectives: the use of limitations as a launching pad for a new momentum in independent cinema…

Cluj-Napoca, Romania
May 30 – June 3


Workshop 2

Transylvania, Romania

In a chalet lost in the mountains, 20 kilometers from the nearest village, LIM’s team and participants enter phase 2 of their work: the deep digging. Combining feedback from professionals and following the path of the first rewrites in between the first two workshops, the goal is to establish a bone structure for the script, while integrating the creative trigger of budget limitations. Long walks in the forests of Transylvania, with combined consultants and groups, help find the way…

Muntele Băișoarei, Romania
June 3-10


Workshop 3


Projects enter the final stage, working as a broader coalition of combined groups and consultants. The purpose is to finalise a strong treatment or a first draft. This is a step which requires input from line producers and first ADs, to help work to shooting constraints. This is about raising the right questions and finding the right answers, finding doors and windows, connecting the need for limitations with the search for a powerful story.

Lusławice, Poland
October 8-15