LIM’s Scheme is composed of three main workshops:

LIM Annual Training Programme [DEVELOPMENT BOOSTER] for 16 feature film projects & 12 Development angels per year, taking part to three workshops.
LIM Prewriting workshops [CREATIVITY BOOSTER]: tailor-made workshops for domestic talents (cinema, TV, video games, etc.) within each partners country.
LIM Showcase Event, Booster of International collaborations.


Workshop 1

In March, LIM starts out on its 2021 journey online.
The purpose of this first workshop is to clear for the filmmakers: to find the core of each project, both thematically and narratively. It is a search for the force driving each story as well as to reveal the subconscious interrogation lying at its heart.

March 1 – 7, 2021

Workshop 2

LIM’s team and participants enter phase 2 of their work: once the core has been found, it needs to find its form, both as a story and as a film. Continuing the path of the first rewrites between
the first two workshops, the goal is to establish a bone structure for the script while integrating the creative trigger of budget limitations. Working with both consultants and groups helping to find the way…

May 31 – June 6, 2021

Workshop 3

For an entire week, with a coalition of combined groups and consultants, the projects enter the final stage of development. The aim is to finalise a solid treatment or a first draft. It’s about asking the right questions to find the right answers, finding doors and windows, connecting the need for limitations to enhance a powerful story.

September 30 – October 7, 2021


Prewriting Workshops are the result of LIM’s first years of experience and Le Groupe Ouest constant experimentation and dialogue with Labs in cognitive research, using a deeper understanding of how the brain works in creative phases when ideas emerge, and how ideas implement themselves in order to gain consistency. While scouting and exchanging with national funds representatives, we realised there was a need to reinforce talents at the very premisses of the projects before entering the development phase itself.

Targeting national and local talents of LIM Partners (12 participants per workshop who can be writers, directors or producers), the Prewriting Workshop offers to tackle initial ideas, reinforcing them to become strong future feature projects before entering long-run development process. The workshop introduce how budget constraints can trigger creativity when you introduce them early enough.

Through the Prewriting Workshops, the aim is to help stimulate the emergence of a new generation of filmmakers within LIM partnering countries/regions.



LIM Showcase Event is held in Brittany to present the projects to producers, coproducers, sales agents, funds, etc. Filmmakers benefit from the input of industry professionals from all over Europe during a tailor-made Showcase by the sea. These high profile film professionals give extensive feedback to each project to bring an understanding of how the stories/films will be perceived. The goal is also to start potential collaborations.

Plouneour-Brignogan, Brittany, France
Dates tbc

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